Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: Eye-FI Wireless SD Memory Card

I recently bought a new digital camera because I was excited about the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory card.  I had a friend who was raving about this card because it will automatically use available WI-FI to upload images to your desktop as well as to a number of online photo album sites.

I originally had a Sony digital camera and if you have one, you know that you can't use an SD memory card with it.  So, I went out and bought a new camera.  I think the camera is great and maybe I will write a post about it later, but not now.

Anyways, I get home and plug the SD card into the card reader and plug it into my USB port after installing the Eye-Fi software.  Well it comes up and tells me the card is bad and they will gladly ship one out to me.  I debated returning the card to the store, but decided it wasn't that urgent.  They said it would ship 5 day ground within 3 business days.  For my trouble, they are going to send me a $15 credit for their online store.

Unfortunately, I believed them.  After 7 business days, I called them because it doesn't usually take 5 days to get 5 day ground mail.  As it turns out, it had not shipped yet.  The guy told me it would go out the next day and I was ok with that.  Well that was on Wednesday.  On Tuesday of the next week I had not received an email from them and suspected it had not shipped.

I called them on check on my shipment.  They said it had shipped on Saturday.  I finally received it on Wednesday.  So I bought this card on 11/21 and it was defective.  I did not receive a good card until 12/10 when they claimed it would take a maximum of 8 working days to get it.

Now this doesn't seem so bad thus far.  So I was telling  my friend who originally told me about the card of this experience.  He was offering to let me borrow his Eye-Fi card after I explained my problems.  It turns out he had the same problem.

In conclusion, I am still using the card and it will probably be a nice thing to have.  I am notorious for taking pictures and never taking them off of my camera.  As for the quality of the card and the support of the card, I don't have very high hopes.  I give this card 6 out of 10.  I will let you know if I change my mind after using it more.