Thursday, November 19, 2009

JavaScript Testing Frameworks

While searching for a framework to use in my testing of JavaScript, I discovered that there is quite a large list of frameworks out there.  Before choosing, I decided to make a list.   I will be doing further investigation as to which ones are good and in what situations they should be used, but that is a post for another time.  For now, just the list:
Testing Frameworks
BrowserUnit -
Celerity - A Ruby wrapper around HtmlUnit.
crosscheck -
doh.robot - doh.robot, dojo.robot, and dijit.robot (might be the same as DOH)
envyjs -
FireUnit - A plug-in for FireFox.
HtmlUnit -
J3Unit -
jsspec -
JSNUnit - JsUnit on .Net
JSpec -
JSTest -
JsTestDriver - A framework developed by Google
Jsunit -
JsUnitTest -
jsUnity - Not for testing browser code, only pure javascript.
QUnit - Browser based unit testing framework from the makers of jQuery.
RhinoUnit -  Ant based.
Schnell - A Ruby wrapper around HtmlUnit.
ScrewUnit - unit testing -
SimpleTest from MochiKit -
Testrunner - Don't have much information about this one.
TestSwarm - A framework being developed for jQuery for cross browser support.
WatiN - Appears to be an attempt to bring Watir to .Net
YUI Test - A testing framework from Yahoo!.

Mocking Frameworks
Jack -
JSMock -
MockMe for JavaScript -
QMock -

Some Useful Links:
Other unit test list
Run JavaScript from Watir
Test Driven AJAX
TDD and Javascript with JsMock
Test Driven Javascript
TDD and Javascript with JsMock